Month: April 2012

Why translations aren’t the same

Translating a book is tough. Not only does the translator have to worry about getting the meaning across, but he also has to try and include the subtleties of the text and the style of the writer. It’s like being

More press

As far as I know, this has only appeared in Kauppalehti’s print edition: “Suomenruotsalainen kustantamo on julkaissut, englanniksi, upean kirjan kenen tahansa startup- yrittäjän tai bisnesenkelin oppimateriaaliksi. Meille muille Mohamed 2.0 toimii laatuviihteenä, jonka draamaa ei Hollywoodissakaan olisi osattu keksiä.

Talking about Mohamed 2.0

Author David J. Cord talks about Mohamed 2.0   [facebook]Facebook[/facebook] [retweet]Twitter[/retweet]

What I’m reading

Karl Ove Knausgård’s A Death in the Family A simply stunning piece of work, one of the most intimate books I have ever read. Translated from Norwegian. Diego Marani’s New Finnish Grammar I’ve just received it, but the story is

Interview with a romance blogger

I was interviewed by a book reviewer that specialises in romance books. That might seem a bit odd until one realises that the reviewer was my wife. Interview with David J. Cord – “Mohamed 2.0: Disruption Manifesto” [facebook]Facebook[/facebook] [retweet]Twitter[/retweet]

Mohamed’s Bubble?

Esa Mäkinen of Helsingin Sanomat has received an advanced copy of the book and written a critical article about the fall of Muxlim. Verovaroilla tuettu muslimisivusto teki miljoonatappiot ja lopetti toimintansa Mohamed El-Fatatry has issued a response on his blog:

HBL mention

Hufvudstadbladet has mentioned Mohamed 2.0 in their list of upcoming notable nonfiction. David J Cord Mohamed 2.0 Disruption Manifesto (Söderströms) Mohamed Al-Fatatry, egyptier uppvuxen i Arabemiraten, kom till Finland för att studera teknologi. Som 22-åring skapade han Muxlim, “the largest