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As far as I know, this has only appeared in Kauppalehti’s print edition:

“Suomenruotsalainen kustantamo on julkaissut, englanniksi, upean kirjan kenen tahansa startup- yrittäjän tai bisnesenkelin oppimateriaaliksi.

Meille muille Mohamed 2.0 toimii laatuviihteenä, jonka draamaa ei Hollywoodissakaan olisi osattu keksiä. Muxlimin tarina saattoi olla loistelias epäonnistuminen, mutta David J. Cordin kirja on ihannoivuudessaankin pelkästään loistelias.”
Kauppalehti, 23 Huhtikuu 2012

A rough translation into English:
“The Finnish-Swedish publishing house has published, in English, a great book for any start-up entrepreneur or business angel as an educational resource.

For the rest of us Mohamed 2.0 works as quality entertainment, drama that even Hollywood would never have come up with. Muxlim’s story might have been a glorious failure, but David J. Cord’s book is, even in its idealising, simply brilliant.”
Kauppalehti, 23 April 2012

Från Muxlim till drömfabriken

The tale of Mohamed
Helsinki Times

Writing a path to Mohamed
Six Degrees

“Charting the rise and fall of online Muslim social network Muxlim, here we have the story of Mohamed El-Fatatry’s dream to connect Muslims around the world. Extremely readable, author David J. Cord’s prose is punctuated by vivid imagrey as he draws on many of the major plaers involved to hear their perspectives.”
James O’Sullivan, Six Degrees

If you see any others, please let me know!

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