Month: September 2012

Interview with Newshub

I was recently interviewed by They had some good questions, about writing, investing, living in Finland and plans for the future.   Pablo Asks: David J. Cord

Thanks for entering the Mohamed 2.0 drawing!

I was quite surprised at the number and the diversity of the people who signed up for the Mohamed 2.0 drawing. I have contacted the winners and mailed the books. However, there are a few winners who haven’t replied to

Mohamed 2.0 giveaway!

Win a free copy of Mohamed 2.0! Vinn en gratis kopia av Mohamed 2.0! Voita ilmainen kopio Mohamed 2.0! As you probably know, whenever a book is published the author gets a box or so of free copies. I gave

Philip Roth v. Wikipedia

Philip Roth has a problem with Wikipedia. The free encyclopaedia’s article on Roth’s superb novel The Human Stain included something that Roth characterised as “from the babble of literary gossip – there is no truth in it at all.” Unfortunately