Dead Romans miscellanea

In the era of Facebook and Instagram many people tend to document everything they do, including what they are reading. This can be pretty cool when you discover people are sharing pictures of your book. Here are a couple I have seen popping up here and there:
book - present

book - Spain

book - triple

If you are curious about some of the inspiration for Dead Romans, here is an article I wrote for my publisher Stairway Press about pastoralism: Back to Nature.

In another article, I talk a bit about accuracy in historical fiction and what Aristotle might think of it for the Reading the Past website: Aristotle and Accuracy in Historical Fiction.

If you happen to be on Good Reads, look me up: David J. Cord.

Here is a nice review from Maggie McKeating:

Cord caught me off guard with this work. I expected it to be much more about this history and the events of the times but it was very much about the figures and their more personal stories. The three stories were expertly inter-twinned, interdependent, and wrapped up in each other. From clandestine relationships and rendezvous, to greed and lust, this work continues to reveal snippets as it winds through the streets and houses of Ephesus. There were parts of this work that were in my opinion graphic or overly sexual. I was surprised at the number of sexual relations that were described. While this was not in line with my personal taste, they did help to further the story a bit and reveal more about the characters, their struggles, and lives.

Overall, Dead Romans by David Cord is a well written work that testifies to Cord’s creativity and knowledge of this chapter of ancient history. It makes a good read for any reader who enjoys the life and trials of ancient times.

Finally, here is a Dead Romans review where the reviewer even took the time to find images of different people and places in my novel. I thought it was pretty cool: Dead Romans on Bettie’s Books.

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