Year: 2014

Talk at the Helsinki Book Fair

Come to the Helsinki Book Fair on Friday, 24 October where I will be interviewed about my book The Decline and Fall of Nokia at 12.30. It is at Messukeskus, the Expo and Convention Centre. You can find a program

Jennifer Lawrence’s boobs, Ebola and Dead Romans

The actress Jennifer Lawrence has breasts. This may not seem to be particularly newsworthy, but we, as a society, are more interested in her boobs than anything else right now. I like to know what is going on in the

James Thompson (1964-2014)

I don’t remember how I first met Jim Thompson. I believe it was around the time his book Jerusalemin veri was published but before he burst upon the world scene with the first of his Inspector Kari Vaara novels, Snow

Live interview on 19 April 2014

Are you curious about my new book, The Decline and Fall of Nokia, or anything else going on in the mobile device industry? Soon you will have a chance to ask me questions, because I will be doing a live

Press for The Decline and Fall of Nokia

Here is a collection of stories and interviews about The Decline and Fall of Nokia. Print media: Aamulehti: Olisiko tämä mies pelastanut Nokian luurit? Hufvudstadbladet: Elop var ett tredjehandsval Radio: YLE Radio Suomi Ajantasa: Nokian mokat ja uudet käskytkirkolle Online

Who will go against the wall when the revolution comes?

As the saying goes, when the established elites lose their power they also lose their lives. Yet this applies not only to political revolutions, but also to economic ones. My new book, The Decline and Fall of Nokia, documents one

DFN Facebook page

The Facebook page for my new book, The Decline and Fall of Nokia, is now up. Come check it out if you are interested in business history, mobile technology, or the Nokia story.

What freedom of speech?

I hoped my book would be banned. I thought it would be wonderful if some self-righteous politician convinced a court it was a danger to society. I imagined crowds gathering as copies of my book were tossed on big, public

Chapter titles in The Decline and Fall of Nokia

I haven’t talked much about my next book, The Decline and Fall of Nokia, but I thought I could give a little taste of what the book is about. These aren’t set in stone, but as of now these are

Dead Romans ~ Book Trailer

  Get a preview of Dead Romans here Dead Romans from Stairway Press Dead Romans from Amazon