Chapter titles in The Decline and Fall of Nokia

I haven’t talked much about my next book, The Decline and Fall of Nokia, but I thought I could give a little taste of what the book is about. These aren’t set in stone, but as of now these are the chapter titles.

Nokia cover

1. Risto
2. Confusion and Convergence
3. Jorma Ollila’s Company
4. GSM and Emerging Markets
5. The Engineers and the Researchers
6. The American Problem
7. The Designers
8. Nokia Declares War on Apple
9. The Northern Byzantium
10. Nokia and Finland
11. The iPhone Changes Everything
12. The Operating Systems
13. Services and the Smartphone Experience
14. Ecosystems
15. The Great Recession
16. Solutions
17. A Disquieting Realisation of Inferiority
18. NSN
19. Capital Markets Day 2009
20. The Patent Wars
21. Symbian and Sabotage
22. The False Dawn and Fade to Black
23. Stephen Elop
24. Innovation and Commercialisation
25. Reboot
26. Windows
27. Things Fall Apart
28. Pride, Nemesis
29. The Abyss
30. NSN Redux
31. The Evil Empire Becomes a White Knight
32. Ruins, Mystery and Nameless Rage
33. Connecting People

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