Month: April 2014

Live interview on 19 April 2014

Are you curious about my new book, The Decline and Fall of Nokia, or anything else going on in the mobile device industry? Soon you will have a chance to ask me questions, because I will be doing a live

Press for The Decline and Fall of Nokia

Here is a collection of stories and interviews about The Decline and Fall of Nokia. Print media: Aamulehti: Olisiko tämä mies pelastanut Nokian luurit? Hufvudstadbladet: Elop var ett tredjehandsval Radio: YLE Radio Suomi Ajantasa: Nokian mokat ja uudet käskytkirkolle Online

Who will go against the wall when the revolution comes?

As the saying goes, when the established elites lose their power they also lose their lives. Yet this applies not only to political revolutions, but also to economic ones. My new book, The Decline and Fall of Nokia, documents one