Month: November 2015

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Follow this handy flowchart.

Why I didn’t change my Facebook picture after the terrorist attacks in Paris

Once when I was a teenager I was reprimanded for not praying out loud during a funeral. Everyone except me was audibly praying together and I heard about it afterwards. At the time I felt this rebuke was unfair because

Finns love Kurt Vonnegut because they are lonely

I was walking my dog the other day and ran into an older distinguished gentleman. We started the usual chit-chat and, upon hearing that I was a writer, he launched into a spirited panegyric about Kurt Vonnegut. This wasn’t the

Nokia and Finland’s official emojis

Finland is the first country in the world to release its own set of emojis. The first three to be unveiled by the Foreign Ministry are a heavy metal headbanger, some naked people in the sauna, and the good old