Year: 2016

Will we see Nokia’s new phones at Slush?

Yes. Yes, we will. At least, that’s what I think. We have known that Nokia is returning to the mobile device market for some time. Their complicated deal with HMD Global and FIH Mobile showed that they were planning to

The new leader of the free world is Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel just wanted to be German Chancellor. No one asked if she would like to be Leader of the Free World. Yet she’s stuck with that title, whether she likes it or not. The so-called ‘Leader of the Free

What President Trump could mean for Finland

On Tuesday, 8 November 2016, Americans will pick the 45th president of the United States. Their choice will have an impact not only on America, but the rest of the world. What would a Donald Trump victory mean for Finland?

How the US election looks to an absent American

America is doomed. Well, maybe not, but it would be nearly impossible to pick two more depressing presidential candidates. If a maniac held a gun to my head and demanded I list ten good qualities of Hillary Clinton and Donald

Thanks, UK

Brexit has been called the end to the grand European project. It should instead be viewed as our last warning and great opportunity. The European Union has been lurching from crisis to crisis for almost ten years. I first realised

What I want from Nokia’s new phones

There has been lots of interest in the news Nokia was returning to the mobile phone market. Part of the excitement has something to do with nostalgia and part of it is frustration at the current stagnation in the industry.

The public is losing interest in Nokia

Nokia is a well-known brand name among consumers, but it is in a long and steady decline. The return to mobile devices seems to be aimed squarely at large, emerging markets such as China where the name still has some

Nokia’s new mobile devices explained

Announcing The Decline and Fall of Nokia, second edition

The Nokia story still fascinates. Two years after the publication of The Decline and Fall of Nokia I am still being invited to write articles, asked to speak to university classes and interviewed by curious journalists. The book has popped

Barbarians at the Borders

One of my favourite books is Edward Gibbon’s The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. It has such grand themes: the collapse of the greatest civilisation of the western world and its replacement by the younger, more virile barbarians.