Announcing The Decline and Fall of Nokia, second edition

The Nokia story still fascinates. Two years after the publication of The Decline and Fall of Nokia I am still being invited to write articles, asked to speak to university classes and interviewed by curious journalists. The book has popped up everywhere from a newspaper article in Rwanda to an academic conference in Belgium. When I’m introduced to new people I am invariably ‘that guy who wrote the Nokia book.’ I am so happy that this book has been so well-received, and am grateful that I had the opportunity to tell this story.

DFN2 cover

Because Nokia is still so interesting a lot has been written about it since the first edition of this book was released. The output in my adopted homeland of Finland has been particularly rich. There have been many newspaper and magazine articles, blog posts, talk shows, academic papers and books. Two books in particular have been important to advance the Nokia story: the Finnish-language Operaatio Elop (Operation Elop) from Pekka Nykänen and Merina Salminen, and the Swedish Nokia och Finland (Nokia and Finland) by Carl-Gustav Linden.

The English-language world has missed out on much of this. Former Nokia CEO Jorma Ollila’s biography will finally be translated into English in 2016, but he doesn’t cover the same ground as I did and he can’t exactly be called unbiased. The other main Nokia publications in English have come from academics. Many of them have used this book as one of their sources.

Yet Decline and Fall remains different. It was written as Nokia’s mobile phone business was collapsing and emotions were running high. Many of the interviewee quotes in the book reflect this. The publications from academics have been more like short business study cases, remote and stoic and clinical. While excellent, they don’t show the intense emotions involved. Two years after it was published The Decline and Fall of Nokia remains the only comprehensive narrative in English about Nokia’s… well, decline and fall.

Because this book is still the definitive English source for this popular story I decided it needed expanded and brought up to date. This second edition has additional information in regards to Nokia’s troubles and has been updated to reflect the current state of the industry and what the major players are up to. It also addresses some reactions of the press, public and influential industry leaders to revelations from the first edition. I hope you enjoy it.

The second edition is only available as an ebook from my American publisher, Stairway Press.


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