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Marimekko’s problem could become Finland’s problem

Finns have a charming trait where they get excited when they are mentioned in international media. After ten years here I have also picked up the habit. So I got excited when I saw Marimekko mentioned in Donna Tartt’s novel

Marcus Aurelius could solve the Greek debt crisis

There are few leaders who have as good a reputation as the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. He is almost universally lauded, with one of the world’s most famous historians – Edward Gibbon – even claiming that his reign coincided with

Russian Roulette Messiah

For years many commentators, including myself, believed Europe had two options to choose from in order to manage the debt crisis: ‘ever closer union,’ or a breakup. European authorities unexpectedly found a third solution, which is to muddle along under

Stephen Elop’s evil reign of terror is over

‘Stephen Elop wasn’t just incompetent; he was evil. He appeared out of the West in his white hat pretending to be Nokia’s saviour. Instead Stephen Elop purposefully destroyed the world’s number one mobile device manufacturer and sold it off dirt

The End of the Helsinki Times

On 9 May 2007 Finland’s first English-language weekly newspaper was published. The idea was to fill a demand for news about Finland in English. Finland has always been an open nation, but in 2007 a fundamental change was happening. There

Talk at the Helsinki Book Fair

Come to the Helsinki Book Fair on Friday, 24 October where I will be interviewed about my book The Decline and Fall of Nokia at 12.30. It is at Messukeskus, the Expo and Convention Centre. You can find a program

Jennifer Lawrence’s boobs, Ebola and Dead Romans

The actress Jennifer Lawrence has breasts. This may not seem to be particularly newsworthy, but we, as a society, are more interested in her boobs than anything else right now. I like to know what is going on in the

James Thompson (1964-2014)

I don’t remember how I first met Jim Thompson. I believe it was around the time his book Jerusalemin veri was published but before he burst upon the world scene with the first of his Inspector Kari Vaara novels, Snow

Live interview on 19 April 2014

Are you curious about my new book, The Decline and Fall of Nokia, or anything else going on in the mobile device industry? Soon you will have a chance to ask me questions, because I will be doing a live

Press for The Decline and Fall of Nokia

Here is a collection of stories and interviews about The Decline and Fall of Nokia. Print media: Aamulehti: Olisiko tämä mies pelastanut Nokian luurit? Hufvudstadbladet: Elop var ett tredjehandsval Radio: YLE Radio Suomi Ajantasa: Nokian mokat ja uudet käskytkirkolle Online