The Decline and Fall of Nokia

Nokia’s fall from the pinnacle of the mobile phone industry was unprecedented in both its rapidity and its extent. Now for the first time the true, comprehensive story is told of the decline and fall of Finland’s greatest company.

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The Decline and Fall of Nokia details Jorma Ollila’s retirement, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo’s new role as CEO and the final years of unqualified success. Nokia’s strategy is to drive digital convergence through their expansion into personal electronics as well as into content and services. It works well – at first.

Weaved throughout the narrative are explorations of Nokia’s structure and culture, the company’s relationship with Finland, and reflections upon successes and mistakes.

Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android and low-cost competitors disrupt the market, and Nokia’s attempts to correct their worsening situation are increasingly futile. Stephen Elop’s choice of the Windows Phone operating system is a catastrophe which results in the sale of the handset business to Microsoft. Yet there is still a future, both for the devices business and for the new, slimmer Nokia.

The Decline and Fall of Nokia is based upon exhaustive research and dozens of interviews. Journalists, financial analysts, competitors, politicians, union leaders, technology experts and Nokia insiders – from modest engineers to the highest executives – have told their stories, given their private insights and expressed their opinions for the book.

The Decline and Fall of Nokia from Schildts & Söderströms

The Decline and Fall of Nokia from Stairway Press

The Decline and Fall of Nokia from Amazon

The Decline and Fall of Nokia, second edition

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In the spring of 2016 the second edition of The Decline and Fall of Nokia was released. This second edition has additional information in regards to Nokia’s troubles and has been updated to reflect the current state of the industry and what the major players are up to. It also addresses some reactions of the press, public and influential industry leaders to revelations from the first edition.

The second edition is only available as an ebook from Stairway Press.


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